KMZ file into a *. In Google Drive, find and tap the KML file. The most popular way to use KML files on Windows PCs is with the Google Earth program. You will still possess the. You can also open it from within Matlab by right-clicking the file and choosing "open outside Matlab". The kml file extension is primarily related to files written in Keyhole Markup Language. Google Earth's EarthStream technology combines advanced 3D graphics and network streaming to produce a high-performance system that runs on standard PC's and commodity servers. For example, in Windows I have Google Earth associated with the kml and kmz file extensions. KML file for Google Earth from a set of images with embedded GPS information: First you need a set of 3 files to make up the framework of the KML file. gpx file that was saved from GPSies needs File / Import into 'My Collection' to open the file. This large file may take a few minutes to download; save it in a place where you can find it again. KML was originally created by a company named Keyhole, Inc which was then acquired by Google in 2004 for use with Keyhole Earth Viewer, later renamed by Google to Google Earth. "My Places" let's you export a KML but I can't find the import option. kml) or KMZ Google Earth KMZ (*. In this article we would be discussing about conversion of GeoJSON data to KML (Keyhole Markup Language). Select Tracks > Convert to Route and reduce number of points as necessary 5. Well, just follow the next steps:Save your points from Google Earth: Select your desired locations/routes and then press File Continue Open A Google Earth File (KMZ) With Google Maps AddThis Advanced Settings above via filter on get_the_excerpt -->